Discover the Benefits of Our Fresh, Homemade Dairy-Free and Sugar-Free Yogurt

Looking for a healthier alternative to traditional yogurt that's free from sugar? Our plant-based yogurt contains no sugar, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce their sugar intake. Traditional yogurt is often loaded with added sugars, which can contribute to a variety of health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, and dental issues.

By choosing sugar-free, plant-based yogurt, you can enjoy a satisfying and delicious treat while also managing your blood sugar levels and promoting your overall well-being.

Made from natural ingredients, our fresh yogurt provides just the right amount of sweetness without the added sugar. In addition, our plant-based yogurt can be flavoured with a variety of fruits, nuts, and seeds for added taste and texture. Not only is it naturally low in calories, but it's also a great choice for pre-or post-workout snacking. Our yogurt makes for a quick and satisfying snack or a healthy addition to your workout routine. 

Supermarkets today offer a wide range of dairy-free yogurt options, such as almond, coconut, and soy yogurt. However, it's important to note that many of these yogurts are often filled with harmful preservatives that can be detrimental to one's health.

At Hey Namaste Wellness, we prioritise your health using only natural ingredients in our yogurt production process, which means that you can enjoy a healthy and delicious snack without the worry of consuming harmful additives. 

You can consume it with fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds on top for a nutritious breakfast or snack. You can also blend it into delicious smoothies as well as use it in dipping sauces and dressings!

So, whether you're looking for a dairy-free yogurt option that's free from preservatives or simply want to make a healthier choice for your overall well-being, our yogurt is the perfect choice to support a wholesome balanced diet 

Discover the Benefits of Our Fresh, Homemade Dairy-Free and Sugar-Free Yogurt