Vegan Raw Pistachio Cardamom (Box of 3)

  • This sugar-free, gluten-free, and oil-free antioxidant packed and iron rich Vegan Pistachio Cardamom Cake is a healthy dessert made with wholesome ingredients. Sweetened with Medjool dates, this raw dessert is packed with your daily required B6. 

    Benefits of Vegan Pistachio Cardamom 

    Supports Brain Health and Function: Packed with brain and mind-boosting nutrients vital for the production of hemoglobin & helps to positively impact cognitive function, mood stability, and overall brain health. 

    Anti-inflammatory & Antioxidant: Combats inflammation and neutralises free radicals. 

    Prebiotic Power: Fuelling beneficial gut bacteria, fostering short-chain fatty acid production. Enjoy added defence against digestive issues. 

    Low Glycemic Index: No blood sugar level spikes, perfect for diabetics or for those who are health conscious. 

    Improved Blood Vessel Health: Support better blood vessel function, contributing to a healthier circulatory system. 

    Improve Blood Sugar & Cholesterol Levels: Heart healthy way to support your overall well being. 

    Let the aromatic dance of cardamom and pistachio transport you to a realm of indulgence. A sensory journey that takes you from the warmth of cardamom and the opulence of pistachios.Our cake isn't just a treat for your taste buds; it's a nutritional powerhouse that complements your 2024 health goals! 

    Elevate your dessert experience with our Vegan Pistachio Cardamom – a fusion of pistachio, cardamom that redefines indulgence. Immerse yourself in the symphony of flavours and let every slice be a moment of pure, unbridled pleasure.

    *P.S Pom seeds are seasonal, if we are unable to get pom seeds, kindly note we will replace it with other seasonal toppers instead... Customisation is available, Do reach out for custom dessert orders, like any kind ofcelebratory cakes. 

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  • Vegan Pistachio Cardamom 

    Ingredients include Pistachios, Mixed Nuts, Flaxseed, Green Cardamom, Organic Medjool Dates, Avocados, etc 

    Kindly note theres no oil, sugar, flour or baking soda or any sort of artificial flavours used, its entirely made with plant-based whole-foods!


    Please refrigerate these Vegan Pistachio Cardamom immediately upon receiving as they contain NO preservatives or additives. 

    Store in your freezer for up to 3 weeks upon receiving to retain optimum freshness and don't forget to defrost it by transferring it to the fridge/ leaving it outside for 10-15mins at least prior to consumption. 


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